Best 10000 mAh Power Banks

Do your smartphone often run out of charge at crucial times leaving you in trouble? Well, you are ought to face problems when such a scenario occurs. These days, smartphones are efficient to do diverse kinds of work. They often serve you both as a handy workstation and a one-stop entertainment store. So, it is vital that they should remain active for longer periods of time.

The batteries of the leading smartphones have improved drastically in few previous years. Today’s smartphone batteries can lead way ahead if compared with the older ones in terms of longevity and efficiency. But, to work continuously without any interruption, an applicable power bank can be your primary necessity. It can be a solution for your smartphone where you get very fewer chances to find a power source and put your phone on recharge.

There are some leading 10,000mAh which can serve you the best by keeping your smartphone active for a long period of tie. Although there are many powers banks consisting of higher levels of power, a 10000mAh power bank can just be perfect for your smartphone.

There are several advantages which you can be benefitted from using such a device. In most of the cases, they come in a sleek design which can be easily carried anywhere. The most beneficial aspect of these devices is that they serve your phone with enough power supply till the time when they would have needed to recharge twice.

The recent models of the power banks take nominal time to charge up. Apart from charging your smartphone, some of them are efficient in serving you with other facilities too.

Now, you can find out the features of some leading power banks available in the market which deliver the best service.

8 Best 10000 mAh Power Banks

1. Intex IT-PB16K

This Intex made power bank comes with an advantage of having two USB ports. You can simultaneously charge two different devices through it. Another benefit of this power bank is that it comes with indicator lights made of LED which are built-in the device. You can even put this power bank easily into the power saving mode. The power of this device is 16,000mAh. This can help it to sustain a longer life when it is inactive. This device is available in the market within a range of Rs 1399 to Rs 1599.

2. Moerdon MDPBTS-16

This is a power bank is made by Moerdon and carries the power of 10,000mAh. It comes with a sleek appearance and can go well with the stylish people. The battery backup of this device is good. It is efficient to charge up your smartphone within a nominal period of time. This device is available in the market around the price range of Rs 1100 to Rs 1199.

3. Lenovo PA

This power bank made by Lenovo has many unique advantages. The most interesting benefit of this device is the high rate of conversion. Due to this, it is able to recharge your device quickly. You can be able to put your phone on charge for multiple times a day. Lenovo PA carries the power of 13000 mAh. It is exclusively compatible with the smartphones. The device has a statement of reliability as it carries a one year warranty period.

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4. PNY BE- 740

There is some wonderful uniqueness in this power bank made by PNY. It comes in a cylindrical shape. A LED torch is also inbuilt to the device. So by buying a power bank, you can get a torch too. For your continence, an indicator is attached to the device which shows the power level. By this, you can easily understand how power is remaining in the device.

5. Intex IT-PB 10K

This is another Intex made power bank which comes with a single USB port and the torch is also inbuilt with the device. The power range of this device is up to 10000 mAh. This device is available in the market at a reasonable price of around Rs 1300.

6. Mi 10000mAh power bank 2i

This is the updated version of the Mi power bank 2. The unique parts which this device consists of are a micro connector and Lithium Polymer Battery. This device carries a very nominal weight of 217 grams. The power supply which device is having is DC 5 V/2A.  There are 2 output points of this power bank. The device is self-adjustable towards the power output of 18W to ensure quick and efficient charging of the devices which are connected. This device generally takes 4.2 hours to charge itself with an 18W charger and 6.2 hours with a 10W charger both with normal USB cables.

7. Ambrane P-1122NA

The Ambrane power bank consisting of 10000mAh of power is unique because contains three output points as a charger. It can charge three devices all at a time. A torch is also inbuilt with the device. This device is safe to use because it comes with the protection against short circuit. It can also protect itself from excess temperature or flow of current.

This device is compatible with a number of other devices like camera, smartphone, digital smart watches, and media players. A lithium-ion battery is inbuilt as the main power source for this device.

The power supply for this device is DC 5 v/2A. It is available in the market within a price range of around Rs 850.

8. Syska Power Boost 100 (10000mAh power bank)

The main advantage of this power bank is that it is lightweight and efficient. It consists of dual USB ports and is compatible with a large number of digital devices. You can easily charge your tablets and digital cameras with this power bank. This also comes with the Lithium-ion Batteries which ensures the longevity of the product. The power supply for this device is DC 5 v/2A. You can easily get this device from any leading online marketing website around the price range of Rs 900.

So, here are some of the most leading and efficient power banks that are available in the market. You can choose anyone from the above easily considering your needs and necessities.

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