Best 20000 mAh Power Banks

Nowadays, Life might be just incomplete without a smartphone. It is a device which does a wide range of works some of which are necessary for everyday life. To most of the people now, a smartphone has changed into a device which is no less than a handy workstation. There are a number of other work in which a smartphone is able to do. Nobody would probably carry a digital camera over a smartphone having excellent clarity on photography.

As a modern digital device, one of the most necessary elements which a smartphone may need is the power supply. Other devices like smartwatches or laptops also need it vitally. For an uninterrupted power supply, it is a necessity for you to have a power bank. There is a wide range of different power banks which are available in the market. Power banks which can carry low power might be enough for recharging the devices like smartphones and tabs but a device carrying a higher range of power can be a lot more beneficial.

A 20000mAh power bank may serve you efficiently in conditions where you are constantly on the move. If traveling tends to be an integral part o your profession, it would be better if you choose a 20000mAh power bank. Having one, you will not need to recharge your smartphones for a long time stretch. It is advantageous because it is less probable that you will get a power source.

Batteries of the recent smartphones have improved prominently in due course of time. Having a highly efficient power bank increases the chances of battery longevity of your phone up to 7 days even. With a higher capacity, laptops can even be charged with a power bank.

Here, you will get the in-depth idea about some of the best leading power banks which have high power efficiency up to 20000mAh.

5 Best 20000 mAh Power Banks

1. Intex (20000mAh) PB-20KE

This is a power bank which is made by Intex. It can carry the power up to 20000mAh. There are many interesting features in this power bank. It comes with a Lithium-polymer battery which is of high efficiency. It also has a manufacturer warranty period of 6 months. This device is compatible with diverse digital devices such as digital cameras, tablets, and mobile phones. In spite of consisting of high energy efficiency, the weight of this device is nominal. It is just 399 grams. The dimension of the device is just 16×8.1×2.1 cm which makes it incredibly handy. It is exclusively available in white color.

2. Portronics Jumbo Por-783

This is a power bank which is made by Portronics. It also consists of a lithium polymer battery. The weight and dimensions of this device make it extremely handy. It weighs just 540 grams and it is of 22.1×22.1×4.8 cm. You can get 2 USB points in this power bank. One year warranty makes this device a subject of reliability. The protection systems which are in-build the device makes it a subject of utmost safety while the usage. The device can protect itself from many abrupt conditions like a short circuit, overload of the voltage, voltage fluctuation, overheating and abnormality due to the wrong insertion. It is efficient to charge your smartphone for around 5 times a day with full storage of power.

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3. Portronics POR-695, Power wallet 20

This power bank also comes from the Portronics. The POR-695 comes with the best quality of Lithium- polymer battery. The main features why this device can be termed as unique because it comes to the protection aspects of 8 types which can help secure the device for a long time. The POR-695 carries the weight of only 417 grams. The dimensions of the device are 8.2×1.6×2.1 cm. This makes it easier to carry either in a bag or a pocket. The two USB ports attached to this device have different power outputs. They are 5V/1.0A and 5V/2.1 A. This is also unique because no other power banks can give this advantage. It is exclusively available in the market in the black color. The POR-695 Power Wallet 20 has a diverse range of compatibility. It can effectively charge tabs, phablets, digital cameras, and smartphones.

4. Ipro IP 43 Li-Ion 20800mAh power bank

A wide range of some of the most effective features makes this power bank one of the best available in the market. Primarily considering the power capacity of the device you can see a massive amount; 20800mAh is available with the device. This device comes with dual USB ports. Lightweight is another advantage of the device. An extensive range of compatibility is available as the device can charge audio players, smartphones, and tablets.

It also comes with a balance indication for the users’ convenience. 4 LED bulbs are comprised of the total setup of the indicator. This device is advantageous according to the budget also. You can get it within a price range of Rs 1399. It is probably the cheapest power bank available in the market with all these features.

5. Syska Power Pro 200

The feature of having, a Lithium Polymer battery is common in case of this power bank too. This Syska made power bank has a unique feature of self-hibernation mode. In a condition of inactivity, it automatically turns on the hibernation mode. Protection schemes are also available in this device. It saves from overheating, excess charging and short circuits. This power bank is available on the market for around Rs 1399. You can also order it from online marketing platforms.

So, you see some of the best high capacity power banks in the article. The salient features they carry are also discussed clearly here. You can easily choose one from the above according to your budget and needs.

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