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When we have got the opportunity to take complete view of our beautiful world then why our cameras will be restricted to minimal views. A 360 degree camera can allow you to take wide view of the surroundings. Be it family vacation, anniversary or marriage ceremony, a good 360 degree camera can allow you to capture each and every moment and make them worthwhile for lifetime.  Gone are these days when we used to gained satisfaction from a simple 3:2 or 4:3 cameras. Here you will find a wide range of 360 degree cameras.

Those who are quite bored with using the same low picture quality camera which gives you a square focus, need to go through the following section as it will give you detail of different types of 360 degree camera.

Top Best 360 Degree Camera

Detu Twin

One of the most attractive features of this camera which will seek the attention of those with low budget is its affordable price. Although the screen resolution is bit low however, the standard tripod thread is what makes it a profitable choice. Well, if you want to have a camera that seems viable for your long video shoot then it is not a perfect choice for you. It seems good for those who want to use it to capture a wide arena. 

The wifi network is another of its feature which can also help users to connect it with their smartphones so as to upload photos or video directly on social networking sites. The presence of fisheye lenses increases the image quality of your photos.

GoPro Fusion

This is regarded as one of the most versatile cameras as it is equipped with innovative features. It is in the form of a sphere. A total 5.2K resolution is guaranteed to you whereby you can keep a focal length of about 30. Well, when you will actually use it we will find that it is no 360 degree camera.

 It’s a trick and the over capture mode looks like it is capturing 360 angle. It has Bluetooth and wifi network, but the only con that is associated with it is pertaining to its high price.  

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung gear 360 can steal your hearts with its ergonomic design which cannot be found in conventional 360 degree cameras. One can carry it anywhere as it is pocket sized. As it is portable so the memory and battery life is shorter too. Nonetheless, the free editing software can excite you or rather to say provoke you to buy it despite its low battery life.

 Another feature which might also encourage you to make purchase decision is that it can work with the iOS. This camera is specially designed for the beginners as one can easily use its features.

Kodak Pix Pro SP360 4k

We always do not need a 360 degree lens to capture photos or videos rather a simple 235 can also do our task. Perhaps this might have been the guiding point behind Kodak’s creation of Pro SP360 that consists of only a single spherical lens. Its price often discourages customers from buying them. However, when you get introduced with its varied features you will find the price worthwhile. It has wifi connectivity and it is resist to dust, freeze and even splash. 

In fact, the users could get an option of using it through their phones and could get a good scope of uploading their clicked photos on Faebook or YouTube instantly. While uploading photos we need to some editing and with it you need not to edit them by uploading editing software as it is already built in it. 

360fly 4K

The most reliable choice of a camera enthusiast is 360fly 4k without any doubt, as it has all the features to make your craze for photography find fulfilment. One amazing fact related to the camera is that it can capture video or image both in POV mode as well as in 360 degree form. 

This camera has a GPS, accelerometer and compass which makes it stand out in the market. As every good thing has bad side so 360 fly is no exception it. It is quite bulky and video are quite soft around the edges. 

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Insta360 One

The unique video features make it increase appeal to the customers. The maximum video resolution is about 3840×1920 at 30fps which is just great. It has a FreeCapture mode which perhaps acts as differentiating points from all other 360 degree cameras. The speed of the camera is surely going to strike you by awe and it’s almost similar to bullet time. For remote shooting it has got tripod thread. However, it does not support iOS which can well be taken its disadvantage. The advanced technology that is found the camera will appeal only to experienced videographers. 

Ricoh Theta V

Ricoh Theta V has a video resolution of 3840×1920 which can suit an ardent photographer’s pursuit. It has a different form that segregates it from the main streamline of cameras. This camera is equipped with almost four microphones which can to record live streaming. The audio quality of your videos will reach new heights with the amazing camera. 

Ricoh can be used remotely with the help of an app and it has wifi connectivity along with Bluetooth. In order to make it shoot your video and turn it to be appealing you have to spend huge sum of money. 

Nikon Key Mission 360

Nikon KeyMisison 360 is considered to be a personal favorite amongst the camera users as it has strong quality of image. It can capture up to 29mega pixel which can help users to take it to any celebration for capturing good moments. In fact you will find that this camera has electronic vibration reduction mechanism in-built in it. 

Mostly, camera users have to shoot in outdoors and in case its raining heavily you have to become more cautious. However, with Nikon KeyMission you need not worry about nature’s havoc rather you can continue with your shooting as it is waterproof. Along with water proof quality it is features with wifi. Well, its limitation is that it has a very short battery life.


Rylo is another suitable 360 degree camera but it provides you display in the traditional manner. The automated pans, spherical video and use of high tech software that can extract 16:9 frames require no great effort. The differentiating features between Rylo and another conventional 360 camera is that Rylo is linked to its versatility. The video that you actually get to see is basically on a soft side and it even displays artifacts. The design of this camera is ready to hold your breath. It is in the form of a small capsule which has two lenses and color combination is awesome too. There will be a display of the information on the screen regarding the status of our video and one can easily see whether video has started playing or not. 

Therefore, a camera enthusiast who wants to capture the wider world around them can opt for 360 degree camera. One needs to choose the camera on the basis of its design, features and price. A good camera can help you to fulfill your pursuit.

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