Best Power Banks under Rs. 2000

With the advancement of technology, we are in lieu to load the memory of our smartphone with astounding game and screensavers. This causes the running of multiple applications in the background. Our phone is a multitasking gadget affirming to do the entire task diligently. This is quite common that the battery life gets depleted with the heavy running of the application. This can be crucial at times when you are on your journey. It can cause wreck catastrophe when you are away from the power socket.

There are various parameters that need to be judged for making a perfect choice of power bank. Whether they are safe and efficient to be used is a matter of concern. When such a traumatizing situation is on your way, you can incline to power banks to mitigate the problem. In this article, we introduce some of the mind-blowing power banks that do not necessarily mean you need to manage hefty bills. We introduce you to some of the best power banks available below Rs 2000.

6 Best Power Banks under Rs. 2000

1. Mi 2i Power bank

It is a recently launched with a compact structure. It is lightweight due to the ABS good quality plastic material. It impacts some of the most important features that includes fast charging 3.6A or 3.0 which is capable of getting the charge while charging other appliances. You get a sustained capacity of 9 hours after a full-time charge. Adding to this advantage it can charge your appliance within 1 hour. It is having a capacity of 13500 mAH capacity. It is supplemented with the option of less charging mode for your small insignificant appliances. It does not heat up while in use or getting charged up. 2000mAHThey are having nine layers of protective layers for protecting the chip. The seller warranties it for six months.

2. Syska pro power banks

The next which top our list is the syska pro power banks which are capacitated with 2000mAH power backup. Its compact design makes it pocket-friendly. It is sequestered with a single port that has two 2.1A and the 1A output port. It gives assistance for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to charge a 3000mAH powerhouse. It gets charged fully within 10 to 11 hours although it is dependent on the is weighing about 40g with a warranty that is of 6 months you can have hands on this power bank to make your experience in the gaming world more thrilling.

3. The Intex IT-PB

This is our next portable power banks that are having a capacity of 2000mAH. This is having a classic square look that is very easy to be carried along. The output ports are two and are rated to be 5V/2.1A and 5V/1A. You get it charged within 10 hours. That serves you with a backup that is equal to 13500 mAH. It is packed with the On/Off button, indicator LED light to show when they are fully charged. This is a dual purpose quick charger with a LED torch inbuilt. It weighs approximately 350g. There are layers to protect the circular chips. By availing this power bank you are directed to a warranty period of 1 hour.

4. Ambrane S8

It is the next choice that you can incline to. The highlight of this power bank is that it is having a single output charging ports having 5V/2.0A. The USB port is having 5W/1.5Athat compliments speedy charging. The capacity of the power is 20000 mAH that fetches you approximately 12000mAH power. It has an indicator LED light with swiftly powering up the battery. The warranty of the battery is 1 year which weighs approximately 338 g. it is overlayered with 9 layers of protection. It works miraculously and gets charged within two hours time.

5. Motorola P5100

It is among the best power bank that is providing you with a power of 5100mAh. There is a single output port that is ranked to be 2.4A; the weight is only 136g. It is worth your spending. The Lithium battery here is having a capacity of 5100 which is supplemented with a small micro adapter. It weighs 136 grams which are easily carried.

6. Lenovo PA

It is a power bank that actually accompanies you on long voyages. It is very convenient to carry them. They are having a dual USB port each being 2.1A. The battery is majorly having a capacity of 10400mAh. The high-quality lithium battery has a rechargeable life of 500 cycles. It is capable of charging multiple devices at a time.  There is a charging cable included along with them. The power bank is very durable that does not allow overheating of the device.

Thus, now you can enhance the performance of your smartphone by clinging to our suggestion for power bank and get accustomed to a fast-forward life by sticking to your budget.

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